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The Boy From Oz

"My songs are my biography.." - Peter Allen


This extraordinary jukebox musical immortalises the life and music of
the incredible Australian entertainer, Peter Allen!


Congratulations to everyone who was part of this wonderful show! 


Click through here to see PHOTOS  & MORE DETAILS about the show and songs on 
The Regals Musical Society's Facebook and Event pages.

Let us introduce the cast of

The Regals' 2016 May production of


Peter Allen: Tim Langan

Young Peter Allen: Joshua Scott, Harry Herbert

Judy Garland: Stacey Wilson

Marion Woolnough: Annette Vitetta

Liza Minnelli: Steph McKenna

Greg Connell: Gus Noakes


TRIO - Karen: Hayley Newman

Shena: Hannah Barn

Linelle: Renee Bechara


Wally Bell: Peter Sharratt
Chris Bell: Ryan Connell

Dee Anthony: Murray Stanton

Valerie Anthony: Carina Herbert

Dick Woolnough: Murray Stanton

Brian Henderson: Anthony Halpin

Mark Herron / Record Producer: Steve McLeod

Matisse Antonelli, Blake Carroll, Elizabeth Carter, Erin Faber, Katie Farina, Mia Ioannou, Joseph Nalty, Alexis Panaretos, Tracy Reid, Ana Robins, Indiana Rubin-Tasic, Georgia Scott,  Cara Shiels, Nicole Shiels, Georgia Stanton, Alyssa Woodland.


Thank you to everyone who auditioned, and congratulations to all the successful candidates!
You were an amazing team on stage and behind the scenes!

You can still refer to the Boy From Oz  PROGRAMME  and  AUDITION PACK  here.


Show Dates:

Friday 6th May @ 8pm

Saturday 7th May @ 2pm & 8pm

Sunday 8th May @ 2pm

Wednesday 11th May @8pm

Friday 13th May @ 8pm

Saturday 14th May @ 2pm & 8pm

From the Production Team that brought you our  2015 sellout show 'Hairspray';

Director  Julian Batchelor

Musical Director  Peter Sampson

Choreographer  Tracey Rasmussen



'The Boy From Oz' is the most successful Australian musical ever, and the first to make it to Broadway. It is a musical biography / tribute to the late great Peter Allen. Peter Allen was born in the outback Australian town of Tenterfield in 1944. He made his entertainment debut at the age of five impersonating Al Jolson. As a teenager he became a pop star and then toured Asia. There he met Judy Garland who took him to London where he met and became engaged to her daughter Liza Minnelli. In the US Peter enjoyed the highs of success by winning an Oscar, selling out performances in Radio City Music Hall, and receiving adulation when he returned to Australia. There were also plenty of lows … breaking up with his wife, staging a Broadway flop, the death of his partner, and his own battle with illness. Peter Allen had an extraordinary life which producer Ben Gannon realized had the potential to become a magnificent musical, and together with Robert Fox they turned it into the smash hit it became; 'The Boy From Oz'.


Book by Nick Enright,   Music and Lyrics by Peter Allen,

US Edition Book by Martin Sherman.

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I Go To Rio * Tenterfield Saddler * I Still Call Australia Home * Not The Boy Next Door * If You Were Wondering * Name In Lights * Pretty Keen Teen * All I Wanted Was The Dream * Only An Older Woman * Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do - Moon And New York City) * Don't Wish Too Hard * Somebody's Angel * Sure Thing Baby * Quiet Please * I'd Rather Leave While I Am In Love * Taught By Experts * When Everything Old Is New Again * Love Don't Need A Reason * She Loves To Hear The Music * Fly Away * Don't Cry Out Loud * Once Before I Go * Bicoastal * I Honestly Love You.

Song Credits

Click here for the composers and lyricists of the songs featured in 'The Boy From Oz'. The Song Credit list is courtesy of David Spicer Productions and is an excerpt from David Spicer's Script/Vocal book for 'The Boy From Oz'.

This Script / Vocal book contains all of the words, music and lyrics from 'The Boy From Oz', as well as a three page biography of Peter Allen's triumphs and tragedies, and an outline of the first professional musicals, and can be purchased from David Spicer.

Hard copies of  'The Boy From Oz' Show Programme, which contains biographies of all the cast and colourful photos of dress rehearsals, is $7 and can be purchased from the Regals by email request.
Or you can download a
digital copy of the programme  here.

Timothy Langan as Peter Allen

"Timothy Langan impressed as Peter Allen giving a very relaxed, confident performance. He captures the the spirit of Allen. If there is such a species as a born entertainer then surely Allen fits the description."  - Sydney Arts Guide

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