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Click Here to download our Membership Form to become a member of the Regals Musical Society Inc.

It is necessary for each cast member of a show to be a financial member, so that they are covered by our insurance during the rehearsal and show period.

You are also very welcome to take up paid membership, even if you are not a current cast member, to show your support for The Regals Musical Society, to be able to vote at our Annual General and Half Yearly Meetings, and to ensure your access to our news and services.


Benefits of Membership

- Members who are part of a cast are covered by our insurance.

- Full Members of six months standing are entitled to vote at our Annual General Meeting in December and Half Yearly Meeting in June each year.

- All Members will receive the "Regals Rag" e-newsletter whenever a new edition is released, to hear the latest news and notifications about Regals auditions, cast announcements, shows and other Regals events.


Membership Fees

Full Member  = $40 per annum

Student Member = $30 per annum (up until Year 12)

Social Member = $20 per annum   (includes children under 15 in a show)

Make your payment according to the instructions and bank details on the form.
Please notify the Treasurer of your payment at


Please complete the Membership Form and post it back to the Secretary at;

PO Box 191, Kogarah NSW 1485, Australia

or send your scanned copy to

NB. We will take care of the section at the bottom of the form that requires the signature of an existing member.


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