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Our production of BE MORE CHILL has been nominated in the 2020 BroadwayWorld Australia Awards! If you loved the show you can VOTE FOR US NOW here!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 9 nominations across 7 categories!!!

Best Musical - Amateur/Community

Best Actress in a Musical - Amateur/Community
Katie Vials

Best Actor in a Musical - Amateur/Community
Joe Dinn & Vincent Huynh

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical - Amateur/Community
Jo Nalty & Jono Lukins

Best Sound Design - Musical - Amateur/Community
Birdie Productions

Best Director - Musical - Amateur/Community
Kenney Ogilvie

Best Choreographer - Amateur/Community
Tracey Michelle

#GetSQUIPED #BeMoreChillREGALS 📷 @chloelambert_photography

Meet our INCREDIBLE cast !

2020.02.15 BMC_CASTV3.png

Photo Credits: Chloe Lambert / Chloe Snaith Photography

Jeremy Heere - Sam Hamilton

Michael Mell - Vincent Huynh

Christine Canigula - Katie Vials

Chloe Valentine - Dani Caruso

Brooke Lohst - Jamieson Raabe

Jenna Rolan - Emily Moudanidis

Jake Dillinger - Jono Lukins

Rich Goranski - Byron Leitch

The SQUIP - Hannah Barn

The SQUIP - Joseph Nalty

Scary Stockboy - Darcy Noack

Mr Reyes - Daniel O'Connell

Mr Heere - Joe Dinn

with Jordan Berry, Alyssa Bishara, Anthony Halpin, Alannah Heinecke, Jordan Koulos, Isabel Kratz, Jessica Luth, Jeremy Salmon, Sidney Udrea, Lucy Vella.

See more cast photos, videos & takeovers on:
Facebook @TheRegalsMusicalSociety
& Instagram @regalsmusicalsociety

2020.02.28 2008 Instagram

​Only 4 days of performances!

Wednesday 11th March 2020 @ 8:00pm
Thursday 12th March @ 8:00pm*
Friday 13th March @ 8:00pm
Saturday 14th March @ 2pm
Saturday 14th March @ 8:00pm

Running time approx. 2 hours & 30 minutes

Adults $35
Concession $30 
(Children under 12 or Pensioners)

for Thursday, March 12 only

(NB: Coarse language, adult themes.
Read more below)

St George Auditorium

4-16 Montgomery Street, Kogarah, NSW 2217            Parking      Public Transport

For information about Disabled Access
please contact St George Auditorium Concierge


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Note to Parents
Be More Chill contains references to sex & drug use, teenage drinking and features some coarse language. The production is suitable for ages 12+.

If your child is under 12, they may still be a big fan of the musical !  If you would like to know what to expect - check out this review by a mother who took her 10 year old son to see the Broadway production:

L > R

Michael Mell - Vincent Huynh

Christine Canigula - Katie Vials
Jeremy Heere - Sam Hamilton

Production Photographs
Photo Credits: Chloe Snaith Photography

BE MORE CHILL, presented by The Regals Musical Society, is a rocking new sci-fi musical about growing up, high school, and what we will do to get what we want.

Jeremy Heere is just your average, dorky teenager at nothing-special Middleborough High. 
That is, until Jeremy discovers THE SQUIP - a supercomputer inside a tiny grey pill he swallows with Mountain Dew that promises him EVERYTHING he desires: a date with Christine, an invite to the raddest Halloween party of the year and a chance to survive life in his suburban New Jersey high school. Being. More. Chill.

But, as he ‘upgrades’ in popularity, and starts to get the girls, The SQUIP takes control of everything he says and does, and deletes everything important to him, including his best friend, Michael - Is this what Jeremy really wants?

It’s just your not-so-typical science fiction pop-rock love story. Guy likes Girl, Girl likes theatre, Supercomputer likes world domination!… with zombies!

Both hilarious and heart-felt, according to The New Yorker, “If you fed 'Dear Evan Hansen' and 'Mean Girls' to the 'Little Shop of Horrors' plant, you'd get


Music and Lyrics by Joe Iconis
Book by Joe Tracz
Based on the Novel by Ned Vizzini



THE SQUIP - Joseph Nalty & Hannah Barn

JEREMY HEERE - awkward high school junior.
CHRISTINE CANIGULA - high school theatre girl, sweetly dorky.
MICHAEL MELL - Jeremy's 80's music-obsessed best friend.
JAKE DILLINGER - high school awesomeness personified.
RICH GORANSKI - total teenage bully.
CHLOE VALENTINE - the hottest girl in school, crass and confident.
BROOKE LOHST - the second hottest girl in school, insecure.
JENNA ROLAN - the girl who knows everyone's business, the smartphone gossip.
SCARY STOCKBOY - His front is selling shoes in a department store, but he also sells The SQUIP to main characters under suspicious circumstances.
Mr. REYES - eccentric drama teacher.
Mr. HEERE - Jeremy's Dad, recently divorced, never wears pants.

THE SQUIP - The "Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor" - a microchip in a tiny pill that  Jeremy swallows with green Mountain Dew and implants in his brain to become popular.  Often played in the likeness of Keanu Reeves.


  • More Than Survive - Jeremy, Michael, and Students

  • I Love Play Rehearsal - Christine

  • The SQUIP Song - Rich and Ensemble

  • Two-Player Game - Michael and Jeremy

  • Be More Chill - SQUIP, Jeremy, Brooke, Chloe and Ensemble

  • Do You Wanna Ride? - Brooke and Chloe

  • A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into - Christine and Ensemble

  • Upgrade - Brooke, SQUIP, Jeremy, Jake, Christine, and Ensemble

  • Halloween Party - Ensemble

  • Do You Wanna Hang? - Chloe

  • Michael in the Bathroom - Michael

  • The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire) - Jenna, Chloe, Brooke, and The Girls

  • The Pitiful Children - SQUIP and Ensemble

  • The Pants Song - Mr. Heere and Michael

  • The Play - Ensemble

  • Voices in My Head - Jeremy and Ensemble




Hannah Barn as The SQUIP, Dani Caruso as Chloe Valentine

LCC Banner.PNG
2020.03.13 1502 FireShot254 - When teen
Illawarra Mercury Banner.PNG

Byron Leitch as Rich Goranski

Illawarra Mercury Article.PNG

An energetic contemporary pop musical
"Overall, The Regals should be commended on a tight, well-directed and energetic production featuring young performers who no doubt have a bright future on the musical theatre stage."
- BE MORE CHILL Review by Emma Jane Explores (Emma Caldwell)

CHOOKAS: The Podcast
Episode 2 - Be More Chill

March 12, 2020
Interviews with the cast and a review of Opening Night.
- on Spotify (requires log-in)


chookas podcast.PNG

REVIEWS of the 2018 Broadway production of BE MORE CHILL


"A high-energy, imaginative, well-crafted world premiere musical!"  - The Star-Ledger

"A vibrant, inventive musical that makes the most of every moment!"  - BroadwayWorld

"If you have a teen, know a teen or can rent a teen, take them to see a show all about them. It might even start a larger discussion afterward."  -

"With its easily relatable characters, clever twists and ebullient songs, it engages you from beginning to end. An effervescent, feel-good musical."  - NJAsrts

"Sharp and smart, the musical perfectly balances the tragedy and hilarity of high school!"  - Tri City News

"Hip, energetic, vibrant and young!"  - The Social Media Chef

Director - Kenney Ogilvie
Musical Director - Amanda Jenkins
Choreographer - Tracey Rasmussen

Assistant Director - Flynn Crewes


Kenney Ogilvie, Director of The Regals Musical Society's production of BE MORE CHILL, writes;

"Be More Chill speaks to a younger generation of theatre lovers. It has brought so many teens and young adults away from Netflix and into the world of theatre. Like Dear Evan Hansen, SIX, & Juliet and Hamilton... Be More Chill is part of this exciting new shift in Musical Theatre on Broadway that connects with audiences outside the theatre in genuine ways. There's incredible support for the LGBTQ+ community from this show and it speaks volumes to the themes of inclusivity present in the material.

Be More Chill explores the dangers of early smart phone adoption and alienation. Teens struggling to discover who they are in a crucial part of growth in their lives. Striving for and battling against the illusion of perfect lives that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok cultivate. 

The characters on one hand are struggling to discover who they are, while with the other hand are pushing down anyone that stands in their way. And I think young people are fed up with this way of life. Be More Chill is about breaking free from that, discovering who you truly are and lifting up the people who support you - being your best self.

Also, it's just such a delightful comedy. Humour is such an important skill young people learn to communicate with, and this show delivers important themes through a language similar to meme culture and sarcasm.

If there is a teen in your life or family, this is the perfect production to share with them."


Be More Chill is based on the 2004 debut young adult novel of the same name by Ned Vizzini, who drew on his own experiences of depression and his responses to the rollercoaster ride of high-school pressures. It was developed into a musical as part of a new play development program, with original music and lyrics by Joe Iconis, and a book by Joe Tracz, who sought to honour Vizzini’s vision.  After its first regional theatre production at Two River Theatre, New Jersey (May—June 2015) it received mixed reviews.

So it wasn’t until an original cast recording was released online and went viral, with over 150 million streams in the USA alone, worldwide fan art world wide and dedicated teenage fan clubs, that it entered Billboard Cast Album chart’s Top 10 in July 2017, and was picked up again commercially to premiere off-Broadway in 2018. A Broadway production began previews in February 2019, officially opened in March 2019, and closed in August 2019, becoming a Tony Award nominee for Best Original Score, Drama Desk Award nominee for Outstanding Musical, Music, Lyrics and Orchestration, Audience Award winner for Favorite New Musical, and Theatre Fan's Choice Awards for Best Book of a Musical and Choreography as well as several other nominations and winnings in various categories in 2019.

Be More Chill’s Broadway cast recorded a new soundtrack – by now the show had undergone script changes that chimed with fans’ feedback – and the total streams for both Be More Chill albums have now reached 350 million. An off-West End production at The Other Palace, London, opened just this month on 18 February 2020. A Chicago production is set to open April 2020. A film adaptation is currently in development.

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