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The Regals 70th Anniversary Gala Dinner

The Regals Musical Society has turned 70 - It was a wonderful opportunity to get together and celebrate!! On the 14th of November 2015 we joined to share a wonderful meal and were treated to some brilliant entertainment at the beautifully presented Georges River 16ft Sailing Club.

This night was dedicated to all those Regals members who gave of their time without counting the seconds, gave of their talents without seeking applause, and gave of themselves to benefit others.

We spread the word and invited everyone we knew from The Regals. So many friendships were remembered and rekindled. We will continue to track down our past Regals members and friends, so that we might have an even bigger reunion for our 75th Anniversary in 2020!


Warm  greetings and photos from the Regals 70th  Anniversary Gala Dinner can be found at;

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