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In 2017, The Regals Musical Society were proud to once again support and participate in the important annual concert - "KEY CHANGE: A Conversation Worth Having" - which aimed to raise awareness and funds to improve the mental health of the many people in our community who struggle with depression. 

The inaugural concert in 2016 "A Conversation Worth Having" was inspired by the tragic passing of one of our talented young musical society members, James Jonathon.  In his memory,  the event not only united like-minded performers in the midst of mourning, and offered an opportunity to discuss and understand this potentially-devastating illness, it was also a wonderful showcase of entertainment across our communities with just under $30,000 raised and donated equally to beyondblue and the Black Dog Institute.
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        "Such an incredible night! I'm so glad I came. All the performers were amazing and the speakers so powerful.
        This is such an important event, I really hope you do it again"
 James Smith-Cameron

​       "There was so much love in the room that night. Please make sure we keep this conversation going." Judith Willis

All funds raised at the 2017 concert were donated in equal parts to beyondblue and MindDog. We promised you a night of wonderful entertainment with some terrific prizes also on offer from the concert's amazing sponsors, and we delivered!

Sutherland Entertainment Centre

Saturday 2nd September 2017

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