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Our May musical "Disney Aladdin Jr” showcased two casts of young people all under the age of 18; the “Genies” cast consisted of children aged 7-12 years, and the “Royals” cast was 13-18 years old. They performed alternate shows, opening with the “Royals” cast and closing with the “Genies” cast. There were 44 children in the Genies cast, and 34 children in the Royals cast.

The production was designed to give children the opportunity to develop their skills in musical theatre, and star in a live production. Over the preceding three months these wonderful children gave up their free time on Wednesdays and Sundays to contribute to the creation of a fantastic show. The Production Team said the children’s efforts and enthusiasm were highly commendable. 

“Disney Aladdin Jr” was a very exciting and exuberant show, with some exceptional dancing and singing!  The children who were cast in this show certainly threw themselves wholeheartedly into making this production a sensation!

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Genies and Royals

Photo Galleries below.


Please note:

“Genies” cast = 7yrs - 12yrs,

“Royals” cast = 13yrs - 18yrs

All shows ran for 1.5 hours.
For example, a 7:30pm show finished at 9pm.
The first and second half of the show was 35 minutes each,
divided by a 20 minute intermission.

Friday 11th May 2018 - Opening Night

7:30 pm (Royals)

Saturday 12th May

2:00 pm (Genies)

7:30 pm (Royals)

Sunday 13th May (Mother’s Day)

12:00 pm (Genies)

4:00 pm (Royals)

Wednesday 16th May

7:30 pm (Genies)
- All tickets at concession prices $15

Thursday 17th May

7:30pm (Royals)
- All tickets at concession prices $15

Friday 18th May

7:30 pm (Genies)

Saturday 19th May

2:00 pm (Royals)

7:30pm (Genies)

Rockdale Town Hall

448 Princes Hwy (cnr Bryant St), Rockdale, Sydney NSW Australia

Adult = $25
Concession / Children < 15 yrs / Group of 15+
= $15

All Wednesday  & Thursday night tickets $15 !


In partnership with Sydney's Child magazine we were able to offer a family pass giveaway here.

Entrants had the opportunity to win a family pass to Aladdin Jr, which was each comprised of 2 x adult and 2 x concession tickets (total value - $80) to an Aladdin Jr show date of their choice (subject to availability).

Entries closed 10th May 2018.

Congratulations to Shannon of Lugarno, and Margie of Engadine for their winning entries !  

Based on the iconic animated film, with an Academy Award-winning score, Disney’s Aladdin Jr is sure to send you soaring on a flying carpet ride filled with romance and adventure.

When the street urchin, Aladdin, vies for the attention of the beautiful princess, Jasmine, he uses a genie's magic power to become a prince in order to marry her, but it is their shared desire for freedom that unites them. Iago, Jafar, the Genie and more are here in Disney’s Aladdin Jr, a musical adventure filled with magic, mayhem and the power of love.


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Music by Alan Menken.
Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice.
Book Adapted and Additional Lyrics by Jim Luigs.
Music Adapted and Arranged by Brian Louiselle.
Based on the Screenplay by Ron Clements and John Musker,
Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.
Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia). All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia.

Anchor 1

Genies Cast (7-12 yrs) Photo Gallery
Photographer: Brandon Tam

Regals Aladdin Jr Genies Cast DSC_9241 2
DSC_9033 square
Joel Ruz (Iago) and Blake O'Mara (Jafar) Regals Aladdin Jr Genies cast DSC_8654 2
Regals Aladdin Jr - Jasmine Genie Aladdin - Genies Cast 48223 crop resize

GENIES CAST (7-12 years)

Aladdin – Max Fernandez

Jasmine – Ava Crewes


Genie – Xion Jarvis

Jafar – Blake O’Mara

Iago – Joel Ruz

Sultan – Liam Carr

Razoul – Orin Kim Narushima



  1. Alisa Rassadina

  2. Alissandra Alvarez

  3. Lillian Davidson

  4. Tiana Bishara

  5. Alaska Jarvis


Abu – Inara Russell


Magic Carpet

1. Karissa Gouros

2. Amara Stronach



  1. Jonah Simmons

  2. Oscar Trenear

  3. Aidan Byrne



Aidan Byrne, Jacob Morrison, Jonah Simmons, Bailey Siveyer, Evan Stanhope,

Oscar Trenear

Townspeople / Ensemble –

Scarlett Allsopp Lander, Sarah Byrne,  Abbie Clay, Peyton Cotton, Alani Dalley, Gabrielle Daggar, Imogen Davidson, Aila Edmonds, Nicola Frousalias, Zara Frousalias, Madeline Green, Charlotte Jones, Alannah Khallouf, Ruby Lindsay, Gabi Morrison, Kye O’Mara, Tahlia O’Mara, Jaiya Russell, Jessica Siveyer, Taylor Shepherd, Eden Tiddy, Kate Wilson, Jenny Zhao.

ROYALS CAST (13-18 years)


Aladdin – Tana Laga'aia

​Jasmine – Zoe Stragalinos


Genie – Flynn Crewes

​Jafar – Ravyn Walton–Furlong

​Iago – Heather Donnelly-Zdebski

​Sultan – Sidney Isabelle Udrea

​Razoul – Haile Zabala



  1. Alyssa Bishara

  2. Mia Fernandez

  3. Catie Broadbent

  4. Taylor Ramsay

  5. Brooke Cotton


Abu – Katherine Georgopoulos


Magic Carpet

  1. Brooke Cotton

  2. Charlize Marques



  1. Nicholas Otomancek

  2. Ellis Pinkerton

  3. Georgia Elias

Estelle Nunes, Nicholas Otomancek, Ellis Pinkerton, Elena Scheuble

Townspeople / Ensemble –

Mia Briggs, Amy Coleman, Abbi Dickenson, Charlize Erickson, Indianna Erickson, Tara-Lee Fabris, Caitlin Frazer, Charlotte Halliday,  Stella Haydon-Smith, Adele Hinkley, Amy Hummerston, Georgia Marks, Rebecca McKiernan, Cara Shiels, Ria Tziliaskopoulos.

Royals Cast (13-18 yrs) Photo Gallery
Photographer: Brandon Tam


ACT ONE   (35 minutes)

Scene One – At the Palace Gates of the faraway city of Agrabah, the City of Enchantment

The townspeople are gathering to find out who Princess Jasmine’s future husband will be (Arabian Nights). The Sultan insists that his daughter should choose a husband from among the three visiting Princes by tomorrow, according to the law.  Jasmine’s request to marry when and who she wants is interrupted by a fleeing bread thief, poor Aladdin, who is pursued by guards (One Jump Ahead). 

Scene Two – Agrabah’s marketplace
Amidst the commotion, Jasmine seizes the opportunity to disguise herself and escape into the bustling marketplace, where she bumps into Aladdin.  The two runaways share their experiences of feeling trapped and their mutual desire to be free. The chase ends when Razoul, head of the Royal Guard, corners them.  Princess Jasmine removes her disguise and demands Aladdin’s release, but Razoul adheres to the orders of his superior, Jafar, and takes Aladdin into custody anyway. Jasmine and Aladdin realise they have become fond of one other (One Jump Ahead - Reprise).


Scene Three – Jafar’s chambers in the Royal Palace

Meanwhile, (Arabian Nights – Reprise 1) the villainous Vizier, Jafar, and his sidekick parrot, Iago, secretly rewrite the law so that the Princess will have to marry the Sultan’s highest-ranking official - that would be Jafar - if she fails to choose a husband within the time allotted (Why Me?).


INTERMISSION   (20 minutes)

  (35 Minutes)

Scene Four – Jafar’s cave of treasures on the outskirts of Agrabah
With the dungeons all full of prisoners, Razoul and the Guards take Aladdin to one of Jafar’s caves outside Agrabah (Arabian Nights - Reprise 2).  There Aladdin finds a Magic Carpet and an old lamp and rubs it, releasing Genie (Friend Like Me) who helps Aladdin escape the cave on the Magic Carpet.  Genie then grants the first of Aladdin’s three wishes by transforming him into Prince Ali Ababwa, which Aladdin hopes will help him woo Jasmine. 


Scene Five - The Throne Room of The Royal Palace

When Prince Ali’s grand procession arrives at the palace (Prince Ali), the Sultan is impressed, but Jasmine remains reticent to follow anyone’s orders.  Informed by Razoul about Aladdin’s escape from the cave, Jafar and Iago suspect that Prince Ali maybe a fake - and in possession of a genie.

In the meantime, when Aladdin ponders Jasmine’s rejection, Genie urges Aladdin to be truthful about his real identity by just being himself. Genie also confesses that he longs to be free himself from being under the command of the magical lamp’s masters, so Aladdin promises to help him.


Scene Six - Jasmine’s Terrace in The Royal Palace

In another part of the Palace, Prince Ali gains Jasmine’s trust and invites her to ride on the Magic Carpet with him (A Whole New World).  Returning to the Princess’s chamber, they agree to marry in the morning and bid farewell.  But as Aladdin revels in his success, Razoul’s Guards seize him.  While the Guards celebrate, Aladdin rubs the magic lamp and uses Genie’s second wish to freeze the Guards. But as Aladdin escapes with the Genie they accidentally leave behind the lamp.  Iago finds the lamp, and shows it to the elated Jafar (Why Me?  – Reprise)


Scene Seven - The Throne Room of the Royal Palace
The next morning at the wedding, Prince Ali attempts to confess his true identity, but it is Jafar who confirms it (Prince Ali – Reprise 1) and the Sultan calls the wedding off.  Jafar seizes the opportunity to reveal his forged scroll, claim Jasmine as his bride and announce himself as the new Sultan (Prince Ali – Reprise 2).  With Jafar in possession of the lamp, Aladdin tricks him into wishing to become the most powerful genie of all time, – and thus forever trapped!  Aladdin, then uses his last wish to free Genie, and promises to give all his love to Princess Jasmine, if she will have him.  The initially reluctant Sultan now grants his consent, and they live happily, and freely, ever after (A Whole New World – Finale, Friend Like Me – Bows).

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