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SHOW DATES - Rockdale Town Hall

Friday 7th October @ 8pm

Saturday 8th October @ 2pm & 8pm

Sunday 9th October @ 2pm

Wednesday 12th October @8pm (TBC)

Friday 14th October @ 8pm

Saturday 15th October @ 2pm & 8pm


Originally Produced on the Broadway Stage by Judy Gordon, Cy Coleman, Maurice and Lois F. Rosenfeld in association with Irwin Feld and Kenneth Feld.

“Barnum” is presented by permission of ORiGiN™ Theatrical

On behalf of Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

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Cast Announcement

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Barnum. You all put your heart and soul into it.

We would like to congratulate the following successful auditionees;

Phineas Barnum: Michael Astill
Chairy Barnum: Nicole Butler
Joice Heth: Veronica Saville
Jenny Lind: Natalie Cassaniti
Tom Thumb: James Swain
Blues Singer: Ava Levin
Bailey/ Ring Master: Brian McGann

Ensemble: Jay Aldea, Angela Atkinson, Emily Louise Becroft, Michelle Bridekirk, Dane Carroll, Nicola Charleston, Matthew Cosgrove, Kyal Dean, John Givins, Elizabeth Johnson, Mel Mainhardt, Rachel Miller, Phil Plunkett, Zeke Porter, Benjamin Twyford, Noriko Yamanaka.

 We hope you all have a lot of fun bringing this spectacular musical to life !

Our October production this year will be "BARNUM: THE CIRCUS MUSICAL" . The Orientation Evening was on Wednesday 18th May to hear everything you needed to know about the Auditions on 28th May 2016.  Rehearsals commenced on Monday 6th June at Coronation Hall.

All positions in the cast have now been filled.


The Audition Pack, Cast Readings, Songs and Dance Videos can be found below.

You can still Download an Audition Pack here:


ORIENTATION EVENING - Coronation Hall, Arncliffe

Wednesday 18th May 2016, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm


5.00pm, Friday 27th May 2016

​AUDITIONS - Coronation Hall, Arncliffe

10:00am to 7:00pm, Saturday 28th May 2016

CALL BACKS - Coronation Hall, Arncliffe

7:30pm to 10:00pm, Monday 30th May 2016


By Thursday 2nd June 2016 (within the week following auditions)


REHEARSALS  COMMENCED - Coronation Hall, Arncliffe

7:30pm to 10:30pm, Monday  6th June 2016
Then ongoingly Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings and some Sunday full days.


Rockdale Town Hall, Rockdale

Thursday 29th September to Wednesday 5th October 2016


PERFORMANCES - Rockdale Town Hall, Rockdale

Friday 7th October @ 8pm

Saturday 8th October @ 2pm & 8pm

Sunday 9th October @ 2pm

Wednesday 12th October @8pm (TBC)

Friday 14th October @ 8pm

Saturday 15th October @ 2pm & 8pm
(Cast to be present one and a half hours before each show)


Readings for BARNUM Auditions
(in order of show appearance)

Barnum - our lead character, a charismatic showman
Chairy - Barnum's strong and loyal wife
Joice Heth - the oldest woman alive
Tom Thumb's Song (not a speaking part) - the smallest man in the world

Goldschmidt (and Other Male Parts) - Jenny Lind's Manager
Jenny Lind - glamorous Swedish operatic soprano
Bailey - circus ringmaster

The Blues Singer is a singing part only, so there's no need to do an audition reading for this role.  Her call back song is "Black and White".
Tom Thumb's Mother only has one line, so there's no need for an
audition reading.  If you want this role only, then you can read Chairy Barnum's audition reading.



Songs for Call Backs
Barnum - Museum Song
Chairy - One Brick at a Time
Joice Heth - Thank God I'm Old
Tom Thumb - Bigger Isn't Better
Julius Goldschmidt - Join the Circus
Jenny Lind - Love Makes Fools of Us All
Blues Singer - Black and White
Bailey - Come Join the Band

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Director: James Russell
Musical Director: Belinda Robinson
Choreographer: Ralphy Walter
Production Assistant: Paul Morrison
Circus Skills Instructor: Sarah Beitelis



Act One
In the middle of the 19th century, Phineas Taylor (PT) Barnum introduces his circus acts as he stands in front of a tent, proclaiming "There Is a Sucker Born Ev'ry Minute". He loves spectacle and excitement, using hype and "humbug" to promote his exhibits. His wife Charity disagrees with his use of "humbug" but loves him and aims to keep him grounded. Barnum then introduces the oldest woman alive, Joice Heth ("Thank God I'm Old"). His wife Charity ("Chairy") urges him to get a job in a factory, but Barnum refuses ("The Colors of My Life"). He enlists clowns to help in building a museum to house his attractions ("One Brick at a Time"). His star attraction, Tom Thumb, appears to advise that "Bigger Isn't Better". Barnum then becomes manager of the famous Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind ("Love Makes Such Fools of Us All"). Barnum becomes enamoured of her and sees the attraction of going on tour with her ("Out There").

Act Two
Barnum accompanies Jenny on tour, leaving Charity behind, as a marching band greets them ("Come Follow the Band"). Although all seems to be going well for Barnum, he finds that without Charity in his life he is miserable, and he decides to break ties with Jenny and return home to the woman he loves. Upon his return to Charity, he promises to live the more sedate life she desires for him, in "Black and White." When his political campaign looks doomed to fail due to lack of interest, Charity realises how important his talents and passion are in his life, and allows him to inject colour and life into his campaign. The two of them recognise the value in each other's approach to life and how they complement one another. But his beloved Charity dies suddenly, leaving Barnum bereft and alone. When Barnum finds himself humbugged by his political party, he laments his position ("Prince of Humbug") and wishes to "shine a light in a dark world". James Anthony Bailey arrives and offers him the chance to "Join the Circus". Initially resisting he relents and joins Bailey, and they form the famous circus Barnum and Bailey.

(Synopsis from: )

Dance Routine Videos for Auditions

The videos of the dance routine that were learnt for the dance portion of the auditions can be found in the posts on the Barnum Audition Facebook page.

Auditionees were required to practise this routine prior to their audition so that they were ready to perform it on the day. They were welcome to add their own characterisation to show us the full breadth of their dancing and interpretative skills.

ENQUIRIES: James Russell - Director

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Our most recent show, and most successful yet, was The Boy From Oz.

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