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2020.02.16 1232 Anything Goes - SubPlotS

We are still in the audition / call back phase of Anything Goes. 
We would love to have more male members in our ensemble, so there are still opportunities to audition for these roles.

See more information about our auditions, our production team, and this wonderful show, ANYTHING GOES, on our Auditions page.

Do you love singing and dancing, and yearn for the stage?
Have you always wanted to be in a musical, or would you love to do it again?

This classic tale is the perfect opportunity to
sing and dance on stage with the best,

whether it be in one of the ICONIC ROLES of the nightclub singer and former evangelist, "RENO"; charming lovestruck stowaway "BILLY J CROCKER"; wealthy and beautiful heiress, "HOPE HARCOURT"; British aristocrat, "SIR EVELYN OAKLEIGH"; hapless wanna-be gangster travelling [disguised] as a reverend, "MOONFACE MARTIN"; 

or in any of the SUPPORT and ENSEMBLE ROLES as DAMES, MISSIONARIES, TYCOONS, reformed GAMBLERS, sweet Showgirl Angels, "PURITY", "CHASTITY", "CHARITY" and "VIRTUE"; the Male Quartet of SAILORS; the ship's CAPTAIN, PURSER and BAR TENDER; and Reporters, News Photographers, F.B.I. Agents, Old Ladies, Sailors, and the ship's Passengers and Crew - ANYTHING GOES!.

It's a wonderful opportunity to get swirled up in the madcap antics aboard the ocean liner SS American, under the expert captaincy of our production team;
Director, Liviu Monsted
Musical Director, Angel Wong
and Choreographer, Sarah Pearce

This is the perfect show for everyone to audition for. 

It has roles for men and women, young and old alike!
The age limit for this show is 16+ (at time of audition) for ensemble,
20+ (at time of audition) for leads.

SAVE THESE DATES in your diary now:
Wednesday 17 June @ 7.30pm
Thursday 18 June @ 7.30pm
Friday 19 June @ 7.30pm
Saturday 20 June @ 2:00pm
Saturday 20 June @ 7.30pm
Sunday 21 June @ 2:00pm
at Rockdale Town Hall
Tickets to be released soon!

'Anything Goes'  MUSICAL NUMBERS

1. "I Get a Kick Out of You" – Reno Sweeney
2. "There's No Cure Like Travel/Bon Voyage" – Sailor, Girl and Ship's Crew and Company
3. "You'd Be So Easy to Love" – Billy Crocker
4. "I Want to Row on the Crew" – Elisha J. Whitney
5. "Sailor's Shanty (There'll Always Be A Lady Fair)" – Sailors
6. "You're the Top" – Reno Sweeney and Billy Crocker
7. "Waltz Down the Aisle" – Billy Crocker and Hope Harcourt
8. "Friendship" – Reno Sweeney and Moonface Martin
9. "It's De-Lovely" – Billy Crocker and Hope Harcourt
10."Anything Goes" – Reno Sweeney and Company

1. "Public Enemy Number One" – Captain, Purser, Company
2. "Blow, Gabriel, Blow" – Reno Sweeney and Company
3. "Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye" – Hope Harcourt
4. "Be Like the Bluebird" – Moonface Martin
5. "All Through the Night" – Billy Crocker, Hope Harcourt and Men
6. "All Through the Night" – Billy Crocker, Hope Harcourt
7. "Gypsy in Me" – Hope Harcourt, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh
8. "Buddie, Beware" – Reno Sweeney, Erma and Sailors
9. "Finale (Reprises of “I Kick You Out” and “Anything Goes”) – Reno Sweeney and Ensemble

Key Dates
(for full details of dates, times, venues
& audition performance requirements,
please refer to the Audition Pack)

Sat 22, Mon 24, Tues 25 February 2020 
Bexley Community Centre
Bookings close 5pm Tues 25 Feb.

Call Backs
Thursday 5 March
Arncliffe Seniors

Cast Announcements
Friday 6 March

Rehearsals Commence
Coronation Hall, Arncliffe
Monday 16 March
Mondays and Wednesdays
with additional Sundays from
Sunday 5 April

Wed 17 - Sunday 21 June 2020
Rockdale Town Hall

Audition Performance Enquiries
Liviu Monsted, Director:

Audition Booking Enquiries
Secretary, The Regals Musical Society:

DSC_0067 University of Texas.JPG

The age-old tale of Boy-Meets-Girl, and the complications that ensue, intrigue every audience, and no musical brings it to the stage better than ANYTHING GOES.

This amusing story is wrapped around one of Cole Porter’s most magical scores.

Songs include: 'It’s De-Lovely', 'Friendship', 'I Get A Kick Out of You', 'All Through The Night', 'Anything Goes', 'You’re The Top' and 'Blow, Gabriel, Blow'.

It’s a wonder that all the romances are sorted out and disaster is averted aboard the good ocean liner SS American where ANYTHING GOES!

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