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42nd Street Acting Audition Sides

These are the 'sides' (readings) that you can practise if you wish to prepare for auditioning for any of the lead or supporting characters. The sides will also be used during the call backs.

We will provide a person to read opposite you if there are other parts within your script.

There are other parts within the show that could be cast from using any combination of these sides as a starting point.

The script you will be required to present is surrounded by a red box.  Un-needed script is crossed out with red lines.

All acting auditions will require an American accent.

Some unseen (cold) reads may also be asked of some auditionees on the spot.

For important information about miminum age, and advice about booking,  please visit our 'Auditions' page.

Female Parts

Peggy Sawyer

1-1-2 to 1-1-3: Duologue with Billy

“Looking for Somebody?...”           “...But I really must see the dance director”


2-4-10: Duologue with Julian

“You did me a favour, Mr. Marsh...”           “...I’m going back to Allentown”


Dorothy Brock

1-1-9: Julian, Abner & Bert parts read -

“Don’t say a word...”          “...the answer is no.”


Maggie Jones

1-2-18: Annie & Peggy parts read -
“Should we tell her about musicians?...”          “....right there at the end of your ankles.”


Ann Reilly

2-6-22: Phyllis, Lorraine, A Girl and Peggy parts read - “Oh Peggy!...”            “ ‘em what we can do!”

Also you can

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Male Parts

Julian Marsh

1-1-7: Monologue -

“All right, everybody gather…”            “...then let’s get to work.”


Billy Lawlor

1-1-2 to 1-1-3: Duologue with Peggy -

“Looking for Somebody?...”            “...But I really must see the dance director”


Abner Dillon (Texan accent)

1-7-40: Dorothy, Maggie and Julian parts read -
“Hey, wait a minute!...”           “...It’s my funeral ain’t it?”


Pat Denning

1-1-13 to 1-1-14: Duologue with Dorothy -

“Hello, kid...”             “...not meeting at all.”

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