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Director: Christie Koppe

​Musical Director: Peter Sampson
Choreographer: Chris Bamford

​Assistant Choreographer: Georgia Gouros

Phone Bookings: 0466 069 973


Adults  $40
Concession / Children <12yrs  $35


Drinks and snacks will be available at the bar,

and there will be a half hour intermission.

"Meet The Cast" and view behind-the-scenes photos & videos:

42nd Street Cast

Peggy Sawyer: Lorna McGee
Dorothy Brock:  Rebecca Wallace
Maggie Jones: Jennifer Barker
Julian Marsh: Peter Sharratt
Bert Barry: James Swain
Billy Lawlor: Greg Robinson
Andy Lee: Jacob Barn
Pat Denning: Kyle Dean
Abner Dillon: Michael Norris
Ann Reilly ('Anytime Annie'): Keely Soulsby
Phyllis Dale: Daniella Caruso
Lorraine Flemming: Indiana Rubin-Tasic
Diane Lorimer: Kirra Farquharson
Ethel: Brooke Bowrey
Gladys: Georgia Stanton
Mary: Joanne Furnari
Olive: Ana Lawford

Ashleigh Colella, Carl de Villa, Ellouise Dunn, Louise Gowing, Gabrielle Macintyre, Steven McLeod, Adrianna Rossi, Georgia Sansour, Zoe Stragalinos, Bernadette Wallace, Nicole Yazbeck.



Opening Night:

Friday 12th May 2017 @ 8pm

Saturday 13th May @ 2pm

Saturday 13th May @ 8pm

Sunday 14th May @ 2pm

Wednesday 17th May @8pm

Friday 19th May @ 8pm

Saturday 20th May @ 2pm

Saturday 20th May @ 8pm

Rockdale Town Hall

448 Princes Hwy (cnr Bryant St), Rockdale

We interviewed our OPENING NIGHT audience and they loved the show! - click here to watch the video.


The ultimate show-biz musical, 42nd Street is a celebration of Broadway, Times Square, and the people who make the magic of musical theatre.

Aspiring chorus girl Peggy Sawyer comes to the bright lights of New York City from Allentown, Pennsylvania, armed with her tap shoes and big dreams. Peggy’s talent catches the eye of legendary Broadway director Julian Marsh, who gives her a spot as a chorus girl in Pretty Lady, his newest show. However Pretty Lady’s leading lady, Dorothy Brock, the classic Broadway diva, is not pleased with the new girl in the cast.  When Dorothy breaks her ankle during the show’s previews, Pretty Lady looks like it will have to close before it even opens, unless a new girl talented enough to lead the show can be found - someone like Peggy Sawyer! Will Peggy be able to step in and become a star?


On opening night, Marsh wills Peggy onto the stage with the immortal words, "You're going out there a youngster, but you've got to come back a star!"  Peggy’s rise from showgirl to star is the stuff of show business dreams!

42nd Street Preview-55
42nd Street Preview-7
42nd Street Preview-5
42nd Street Preview-20
42nd Street Preview-66
42nd Street Preview-59b
42nd Street Preview-57
42nd Street Preview-50
42nd Street Preview-47
42nd Street Preview-56
42nd Street Preview-45b
42nd Street Preview-43
42nd Street Preview-37
42nd Street Preview-2
42nd Street Preview-23
42nd Street Preview-58
42nd Street Preview-33
42nd Street Preview-24
42nd Street Preview-27b
42nd Street Preview-22
42nd Street Preview-1
42nd Street Preview-17
42nd Street Preview-9
42nd Street Preview-16
42nd Street Preview-67

Show pictures (above): by JULIA FARLEIGH


Rehearsal pictures (below): by JULIA FARLEIGH, Hannah Brown & Kathryn Skelsey

42nd Street 10.04.17-199
42nd Street 10.04.17-225
42nd Street 10.04.17-205
42nd Street 10.04.17-212
Regals 42nd St Promo-110
Regals 42nd St Promo-108
42nd Street 10.04.17-197
42nd Street 10.04.17-194
42nd Street 10.04.17-167
42nd Street 10.04.17-168
42nd Street 10.04.17-169
42nd Street 10.04.17-230
42nd Street 10.04.17-171
42nd Street 10.04.17-178
42nd Street 10.04.17-195
Regals 42nd St Promo-19
42nd Street 10.04.17-174
42nd Street 10.04.17-172
42nd Street 10.04.17-181
42nd Street 10.04.17-161
42nd Street 10.04.17-152
42nd Street 10.04.17-143
42nd Street 10.04.17-140
42nd Street 10.04.17-154
Regals 42nd St Promo-35
42nd Street 10.04.17-138
Regals 42nd St Promo-120
42nd Street 10.04.17-136
Regals 42nd St Promo-124
42nd Street 10.04.17-131
42nd Street 10.04.17-125
Regals 42nd St Promo-75
42nd Street 10.04.17-116
42nd Street 10.04.17-87
Regals 42nd St Promo-38
42nd Street 10.04.17-83
Regals 42nd St Promo-7
Regals 42nd St Promo-25
42nd Street 10.04.17-64
42nd Street 10.04.17-56
42nd Street 10.04.17-70
42nd Street 10.04.17-55
42nd Street 10.04.17-49
42nd Street 10.04.17-30
Regals 42nd St Promo-42
Regals 42nd St Promo-79
42nd Street 10.04.17-52
Regals 42nd St Promo-55
42nd Street 10.04.17-48
42nd Street 10.04.17-35
Regals 42nd St Promo-85
Regals 42nd St Promo-22
42nd Street 10.04.17-23
42nd Street 10.04.17-19
Regals 42nd St Promo-17
42nd Street 10.04.17-2
Regals 42nd St Promo-30
Regals 42nd St Promo-123
Regals 42nd St Promo-40

Phone Bookings: 0466 069 973


Adults  $40
Concession / Children <12yrs  $35


Music by HARRY WARREN        Lyrics by AL DUBIN

Based on the Novel by BRADFORD ROPES

Original Direction and Dances by GOWER CHAMPION

Originally Produced on Broadway by DAVID MERRICK

The use of all songs is by arrangement with Warner Bros., the owner of music publishers’ rights.

“42nd STREET” is presented by permission of ORIGIN TM Theatrical

On behalf of Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

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